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Introducing Asmogorwrath: A New and Powerful Character in the Voidwalkers Series

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

The Voidwalkers series has been a fan favorite for its complex characters, captivating storyline, and thrilling action sequences. And now, the series is about to get even more exciting with the introduction of a new character - Asmogorwrath.

Asmogorwrath is a powerful demon lord who has ruled over his kingdom in the Void for centuries. He is feared and respected by all who know him, and his power and influence are unmatched.

Despite his fearsome reputation, Asmogorwrath is a complex character with a tragic past. He was once a noble angel, seeking to protect his people and bring order to the chaotic realm of the Void. But when a group of Reavers attacked his kingdom, killing many of his subjects and destroying his home, Asmogorwrath was consumed by rage.

In his anger and despair, Asmogorwrath turned to darker powers, unleashing his fury upon his enemies. He became a demon lord, ruling over his kingdom with an iron fist and seeking revenge against those who had wronged him.

Asmogorwrath's power is unmatched in the Void. He can call upon his immense power, summon hordes of demons, and even manipulate reality itself. But beneath his fearsome exterior, there is a deep sense of sorrow and regret for what he has become.

Despite his past, Asmogorwrath is not completely evil. He is fiercely protective of his people, and will do anything to ensure their safety. He is also capable of great acts of kindness and selflessness, though these are rare and often misunderstood by those who know him.

Asmogorwrath's character adds a new level of complexity to the Voidwalkers series. His power and influence will play a significant role in the ongoing battle between the Voidwalkers and their enemies, but his tragic backstory and inner struggles make him a fascinating and sympathetic character.

Readers will be drawn to Asmogorwrath's fierce loyalty and determination, as well as his complex morality and inner turmoil. They will root for him as he fights to protect his people and seek redemption for his past mistakes.

Asmogorwrath is a welcome addition to the Voidwalkers series, and his character will undoubtedly play a significant role in the ongoing battle between good and evil in the Void. Fans of the series will be eager to see how he interacts with the other characters and what role he will play in the upcoming events.

In conclusion, Asmogorwrath is a powerful and complex new character in the Voidwalkers series. His backstory, powers, and inner struggles make him a fascinating addition to the world of the Void, and readers will be eagerly anticipating his role in the ongoing story. Get ready for an exciting new chapter in the Voidwalkers series with Asmogorwrath at the helm.

This character is being developed by the amazing character designer, Christopher Bonner from one of our development studios Sympl Games. Here are some screenshots of the early character model development. This is both High Poly and Low Poly design.

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