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Step into the horror-themed sci-fi universe of Voidwalkers, where the line between reality and illusion is blurred. Our captivating story will take you on a journey through the unknown, challenging your perception of what's real and what's not. Follow our cast of dynamic characters as they navigate through a world of terror, encountering mind-bending creatures and otherworldly realms. Get ready to question everything you thought you knew, and let Voidwalkers take you on a journey of terror and discovery.

Voidwalkers: Isolated


Voidwalkers: Isolated

"Voidwalkers: Isolated" - Build, craft, survive against zombies in a sci-fi world. Join your friends in an intense base-building & survival game. Build a base, gather resources, and craft items to survive against endless waves of zombies.


Voidwalkers: The Gates of Hell

You are one of the Voidwalkers, tasked with a life-long oath to defend the Gates Of Hell from any who would try to cross into the land of the living. After a thousand years without incident, thousands of undead warriors have begun crossing the plane, and it's up to you to stop them!

Voidwalkers: The Gates of Hell
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Voidwalkers: Exodus

Your the time has come, Exile. Aemon has woken and his children have taken up arms in form of a rebellion. They strike at the heart of our civilization, hoping to cripple the Temple of Nine and slay the members of the Council. It is your duty to lead our people to a new home.


Voidwalkers: Soulhunters

Embark on a quest for redemption in the breathtaking realm of old Earth, where battles for glory never cease. Soulhunters is a high-octane dueling simulation that pits you against fierce opponents in a variety of arenas. Join the fight and become the ultimate champion of Astora today!

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Voidwalkers: Astora's Darkness

Join the fight against a corrupting plague in a desolate world ruled by ancient Gods. As the immune hero, navigate procedurally generated dungeons and defeat the powerful Plague Lords. Craft new gear, collect valuable loot, and become a legendary hero in this top-down sci-fi adventure.


Voidwalkers: Wastelands

Coming soon!

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